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“School education must be a joyful journey… not a race!”

Heritage Valley has a highly creative and caring environment that encourages the natural development of children. The stress-free education system helps them inculcate important traits and virtues that will lay a strong foundation for any endeavour they might take up in the future.

Our core mission to empower the child with academic excellence along with all-round development has stood the test of time. Post pandemic, all around the world, there is now a heightened focus on the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of the individual – a philosophy that has always been at the heart of our education ethos.

Education is much more than mere schooling. It is a collaborative approach between parents and the school.

The Teacher-Child-Parent equation is a very sensitive one. The learning experience provided in school must be given a co-ordinated “follow-up” at home. This synchrony is very important to keep the child from being confused as to which road to follow.

Several diverse factors affect the growth and development of a child such as - the profession of parents, family structure, position of the child within the family, conflict between the natural talent/interest of the child and the aspiration of parents, peer groups, society etc..

Therefore, the school cannot help any child in isolation. Education must be a tri-polar process. For the proper growth of the child, a balance has to be maintained in all the three spheres. A healthy relationship between the school teachers and the parents is a must. A weak link between the parent and the school can become a major hindrance to the progress of the child.


Our mission is to help students become valuable HUMAN RESOURCES with Spiritual Strength, Physical Fitness & Academic Excellence


At Heritage Valley - The Indian School, we provide experiential opportunities for every student

  • to identify and nurture his passion (talent)
  • to use head, heart and hand to excel not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities
  • to imbibe Indian culture, tradition and values
  • to keep pace with the emerging digital technologies