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Middle School

I Hear - I Forget

Show me - I May Forget

I See - I Remember

Demonstrate - I may remember

I Do - I Learn

Involve me - I will learn

Heritage Valley The Indian School provides Conceptual and Experiential Learning in the Lap of Nature through a unique Outdoor Learning Centre to learn the concepts of Mathematics, Science and Geography.

Learning happens through hands-on experience in the Outdoor Learning Centre as well as in Science Laboratories, Mathematics Lab and Geography Lab.

Students explore, investigate, observe, predict and infer, and they understand “What, Why and How’ about the phenomena and things around them. In the process, rote learning is minimised.

Middle school is the stage of learning through exploring, doing experiments, project work and field trips. Basically, the curriculum of Middle School is planned in such a way that it helps the children

  • To learn languages to improve their expressions.
  • To start knowing and understanding this world through Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography.
  • To study Mathematics for the use of day-to-day activities and for future need in higher Mathematics, Physics and other subjects.
  • To start acquiring the important virtues and feeling of patriotism with the help of group activities Games, Music, Art, Literary activities, Excursion ...

Virtues: To learn punctuality, time management, sharing...