Heritage Valley - The Indian school follows a hybrid curriculum.

While, on one hand, it incorporates age-old practices of learning from nature and the ‘guru- shishya’ relationship. On the other hand, the school trains its students to be computer-savvy and acquire the qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship


Heritage Valley The Indian School provides Conceptual and Experiential Learning in the Lap of Nature through a UNIQUE Knowledge Park to learn the concepts of Mathematics, Science and Geography.

Learning happens through hands on experience in the Science Park as well as in Science Laboratories, Mathematics Lab and Geography Lab. Students explore, investigate, observe, predict and infer, and they understand “What, Why and How’ about the phenomena and things around them. In the process, rote learning is minimized.


Academic Block

Courses of studies at ICSE (X) level offered at Sherwood Public School & Heritage Valley
Group - I (Compulsory)
Group II (any 2) Group III (Any one subject)
Computer Applications
Second Language 
(Hindi or Telugu)
Physical Education
History, Civics and 
Environmental Science

Courses of Studies at ISC (XII) level offered at Heritage Valley

Compulsory Subject for all Groups : English

A student can take or 4 or 5 subjects from a group.
To get the Pass Certificate one has to pass in any 3 of the optional subjects

Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education
Accounts, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Physical Education