Message from Director

Message From The Director

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Heritage Valley - The Indian School, my dream school

The life of a majority of students in schools has become like a machine, focusing on only one end product - marks and grades. The present system of marks-driven schooling, the mad rat-race of competition to become either engineers or doctors or chartered accountants has deprived the students of knowing, enjoying and using their passion (special talent) given by the Almighty.

Children are becoming adults before enjoying learning in a natural way in their childhood.

In the name of competition, children are imprisoned within the four walls of a classroom for 6-7 hours and then at home for tuition for 1 to 3 hours, only for one purpose - to score high grades.

Why Heritage Valley – The Indian School?

I visualized the need for a school – a residential school for the children away from the unrealistic expectations and pressures of the society.

My vision is

  • To develop a school with a highly creative environment where children learn and grow naturally
  • To know and nurture their passion (special talent)
  • To use not only their head (rote learning) but head, heart and hands (experiential learning) as was the system during our Gurukulas and also advocated by the Father of our Nation, a dreamer, Mahatma Gandhi
  • To develop creative, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills in a variety of contexts in the children

I believe education is the holistic development of personality and life skills running parallel and not separate to the pursuit of academic achievement.

"This is what we strive for in Heritage Valley – The Indian School."