Our Vision

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Heritage Valley - The Indian School, my dream school.

What was my dream?

Children are the future leaders, scientists, industrialists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, teachers…. They will hold the reins of the country tomorrow. It is the school education that helps the students to become useful human resources. A child is supposed to pursue two major tasks during his formative years (schooling)-

One - Passion for adventure activities / music/ math / art / games and sports / to know the mysteries of the universe….
Two - to become educated by following the normal stream of school in academics and personality development.
-Schooling is created by the society (SSC or CBSE or ICSE or Cambridge or IBO…)

What have I experienced as a teacher after working in different schools in the country?

I have experienced that the life of a majority of students in schools has become like a machine, focusing on only one end product - marks and grades. The present system of marks-driven schooling, the mad rat-race of competition to become either engineer or doctor (now Chartered Accountant also), has deprived the students of knowing, enjoying and using their passion (talent) given by the Almighty.

Children are becoming adults before enjoying learning in a natural way in their childhood.

In the name of competition, children are imprisoned within the four walls of a classroom for 6-7 hours and then at home for tuition for 1 to 3 hours, only for one purpose - to score high grades.

My Dream

To develop a school with a highly creative environment where children learn and grow naturally pursuing three tasks -

  • To know their passion. To enjoy working for their passion. To use their passion in day to day life.
  • To use not only their head (rote learning) but head, heart and hands (experiential learning) as was the system during our Gurukulas and also advocated by the Father of our Nation, a dreamer, Mahatma Gandhi.
  • A child, instead of memorising the formulas in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and facts in History and Geography, must learn these subjects using the scientific approach of learning following the sequences:
What? Why? How? and I hear I forget,
        I see I remember
        I do I learn

Heritage Valley - The Indian School offers

  • Knowledge Park : To learn fundamental concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography, we have developed Science, History, Geography parks and Math Lab.
  • Languages: Our teachers of Sherwood have developed meaningful modules to help children to learn languages - Hindi, Telugu and English.
  • Music/Arts: Music and art stir positive emotions. Music and art are the natural need, not only of children, but of adults too. We have developed these departments with total passion, providing all the facilities to our students to know, use and grow their passion in music and art.
  • Games/Sports:

    There is an old evergreen saying - “Healthy mind stays in a healthy body”. Games and sports are an integral part of the curriculum at Heritage Valley.

  • Hobbies: Hobbies are considered as essence of life. If an adult has learnt one or two hobbies during school time, he/she never experiences boredom in life, Not only this, if the hobby learnt during school time is taken as a profession, the workplace becomes a playfield.
  • Adventure: Participation in adventure activities, living in tents, trekking, rock climbing, water rafting, makes the child fearless and brings dramatic changes in the personality of children.

Boarding School Routine

Children learn to live by a routine, imbibing a sense of discipline that benefits them for life.

  • Getting up in the morning before sunrise
  • Doing physical exercise in pollution-free environment
  • Spiritual strengthening through discourses on values
  • Higher focus on academic excellence