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Our Founders

Our Founders

Heritage Valley

Mr. Y.K. Gurwara


The all-round development of children is the essence of the philosophy of Mr. Y.K. Gurwara.

Heritage Valley

Mrs. Jyoti Gurwara


The founder headmistress, Mrs. Jyoti Gurwara has ably assisted Mr. Gurwara in building up an open and positive relationship with the students

People Who Matter

Heritage Valley

Mr. B.S. Bhatnagar


He is a Fulbright-Hayes teacher, former headmaster/principal of The Indian School, Muscat.

Heritage Valley

Mr. Avinash Deoskar

Mentor & Mountaineer

Leader, first civilian Himalayan Traverse Trekking Expedition, Kathmandu to Leh -2300 Km trekking in 141 days - 1986. Trekked more than 13000 Kms. in The Himalayas.