Extra Curricular Activities

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness means to work for endurance of muscles, flexibility of joints, and strength by taking nutritious food to maintain good health. Yoga, morning P.T., march past, and seasonal games are an integral part of our school curriculum. Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Indoor games, Athletics and many other facilities are provided in Heritage Valley - the Indian school

Two Hockey Olympians Mr. Ashok (son of Major Dhyanchand) and Mr. Mukesh with students who brought laurels to the school by participating in ICSE Sports Meet.

Adventure Sports

(For spiritual strength and physical fitness)

To compete in this world, children have to know their physical and mental strength. Adventure sports are unique activities in Sherwood institutions to help the children to know their inner strength.

Every year Heritage Valley organizes adventure-based activities in locations ranging from the Himalayas to Pachmarhi to adventure centres near Nagpur/Wardha. The courses are conducted under the professional guidance of Mr. Avinash Deoskar and Mrs. Bimla Negi of Outdoor centre, Nagpur. Both are mountaineers of international repute and are totally committed to the cause of adventure activities for personality development and experiential learning in academics. When children go for excursions and adventure courses away from home and school, live in tents and participate in number of activities - trekking and camping, rock climbing, para sailing, water rafting, nature study and camp fun,
  • They become fearless
  • The impact of meditation classes is everlasting
  • They develop qualities such as coordination, cooperation, time management, punctuality, perseverance, hard
  • Work, tolerance, responsibility and environmental awareness.

Constructive Deviations (Art, Music, Hobbies)

Hobbies are considered to be the essence of life. They help in inculcating aesthetic values in children and in channelising their creativity. Heritage Valley provides facilities for several hobbies and activities such as debate, dramatics, fine arts and creative writing.