Admissions Procedure

Step 1 - Counselling :

Parents are encouraged to come down to the school, discuss and understand the school system after talking to the Principal / Counsellors, and then take the crucial decision of applying for admission in Heritage Valley.

Step 2 - Registration :

The child needs to be registered by filling the registration form. Please note that getting the child registered in Heritage Valley is not a guarantee of admission. The admission is granted based on the performance of the child in the written test / interview.


The following documents should be submitted along with the registration form :

  • Photo copy of the Birth Certificate (Original certificate should be brought for verification)
  • Two latest passport size photographs should be fixed on the registration form.

Step 3 - Entrance Test / Interview:

An entrance test is conducted for students applying for class III and above. The purpose is to evaluate whether the child matches up to the standard of the class applied for. For pre-primary and lower classes, an interview with the parents is conducted.

Step 4 - Selections:

Selected candidates should pay the fees as per the schedule provided and fill up the admission form. Payment can be made through cash / draft in favour of Heritage Valley - The Indian School, payable at Shadnagar for the amount mentioned in the admission letter.

For rules regarding Transfer Certificate, transport and fee payment, please refer to the booklet 'Guidelines and Rules' provided to the parents at the beginning of every year.

The following documents should be submitted along with the registration form :

  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (If attended and only for Class I and above)
  • Progress report of the last examination from the previous school (If attended and only for Class III and above)
  • Latest photograph of the child to be fixed in the admission form.
  • An agreement between the school and the parents should be signed so as to ensure compliance with the school rules.


Sherwood institutions wish to create positive student attitudes towards punctuality, regular attendance, completion of assignments and interest in learning through classroom participation. When the student does not comply with these expectations, the school will take the following actions.

  • The Teacher / Principal will have a one-to-one interaction with the student.
  • Parents will be informed about the problem behaviour and they may be asked to meet the Principal.
  • The school, after consultation with the parents, may return the student home for a day as a therapeutic withdrawal.
  • Expulsion of the student will be a final step when it is found that the school is no longer productive for the student and the conduct of the student is not proper and so disruptive that his presence is detrimental to other students.