Pursuit for excellence in academics in and away from classrooms

The methodology at Heritage Valley does not involve rote learning. The well-defined curriculum of the school provides experiential and concept-based education in and away from the 4 walls of classrooms that helps the teachers to know whether a child is

  • a linguistic child
  • a mathematical child
  • a physical child
  • a musical child
  • a visual child
  • an artistic child
  • an interpersonal child
  • an intrapersonal child
Heritage Valley - The Indian school follows a hybrid curriculum.

While, on one hand, it incorporates age-old practices of learning from nature and the ‘guru- shishya’ relationship. On the other hand, the school trains its students to be computer-savvy and acquire the qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Children learn the concepts of various subjects, not only in the classrooms but in a well-equipped library, science laboratories, audio-visual room, well equipped with interactive boards. The concepts of Physics, Mathematics, and Geography are learnt in a well-defined Knowledge Park in the lap of nature.


It is our intention that in Heritage Valley, children should, by worship and instruction, be led to personal knowledge of Indian culture and love towards humanity, nature and animals. Moral instructions included in the curriculum play a vital role in inculcating such attitude and do not carry any religious bias. Morning Assembly everyday and meditation classes during excursions away from home and school, play an effective role in helping the children to acquire Spiritual Strength.


"The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton." The people who were able to win this battle by defeating Napoleon had inculcated the values of team spirit, cooperation and discipline on the playgrounds of their school. Games and sports, Yoga, march past and P.T. are integral parts of Heritage Valley. The school provides equal opportunity to all students to participate in several games and sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kho kho, tennis, volleyball and athletics. Indoor games such as table tennis, carrom and chess are also facilitated. The students have been taking part in select inter-school competitions conducted in Hyderabad and other parts of India and have consistently done well. The objective has been to inculcate virtues of team spirit and competitiveness among the children.


The Annual Day is an opportunity for each and every child to display his/her talent. It helps children overcome stage-fright and be confident and self-assured in attitude and demeanour. Annual Days in Heritage Valley are grand events and ensure that all the students are given ample opportunity to participate in at least one event. But beyond the flamboyance and the grandeur, lies the overriding objective of inculcating qualities of time management, coordination and confidence among the students.


Computer knowledge is the most essential requirement today. At Heritage Valley, a lot of importance is given to computer education and the focus is on project-based application of computers involving multimedia CD-ROMs and the internet. The school has a full-fledged computer lab with Pentium latest generation computers, a file server and several educational CD ROMs and VCDs. It also has LCD projectors, Kyan (consisting of graded lessons in all the subjects starting from Pre-Primary to XII) and TeachNext (consisting of chapters as per the ICSE board, with interactive multimedia and assignments) providing a congenial learning environment for effective learning.


The school has a full-fledged music department where children are given exposure to Indian and Western music. Both vocal as well as instrumental training is given to students who show an inclination towards music. In lnter-school choir competitions, students have excelled in every category.


Hobbies are considered to be the essence of life. They help in inculcating aesthetic values in children and in channelising their creativity. Heritage Valley provides facilities for several hobbies and activities such as debates, dramatics, fine arts, creative writing, etc.


Courses of studies at ICSE (X) level offered at Sherwood Public School & Heritage Valley

Group - I (Compulsory)
Group II (any 2)Group III (Any one subject)
Computer Applications
Second Language 
(Hindi or Telugu)
Physical Education
History, Civics and 
Environmental Science

Courses of Studies at ISC (XII) level offered at Heritage Valley

Compulsory Subject for all Groups : English

A student can take or 4 or 5 subjects from a group.
To get the Pass Certificate one has to pass in any 3 of the optional subjects

Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education
Accounts, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Physical Education


The academic year of the school is divided into two terms. The first term is from June to November and the second term is from December to April.

The school observes three main holidays :

1st Mid Term Break
2nd Mid Term break
Summer Holidays
10 days
10 days
in September / October
December & January
from mid April to mid June