About School

After nurturing Sherwood Public School, Secunderabad, for more than two decades, the founders, Mr. Yogendra K. Gurwara and Mrs. Jyoti Gurwara, with their team of teachers from Sherwood Public School, started a child-centred and non-conventional school in the lap of nature. The school is named “Heritage Valley - The Indian School”. The Gurukul system and the British Boarding School concept, come together in a dynamic confluence in Heritage Valley - The Indian School. While, on one hand, it incorporates the age- old practices of learning from nature and the guru-shishya relationship, on the other hand, the school trains its students to be technology savvy and equips them with the necessary skills to face any kind of challenge in life.

Heritage Valley -

The Indian School follows a hybrid curriculum where learning would take place not only in the classrooms but also away from classrooms in a well-equipped library, science laboratories, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography parks on the basis of the sequences:

  • I hear I forget
  • I see I remember
  • I do I learn

Heritage Valley -

The Indian School is located at Shadnagar, about 30 km from the Hyderabad International Airport.